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additional move

To do the flat, office or factory shifts, there are some extra goodies in general goods. The ones with special padding shifting. Even the special laboratories and special machinery are used to shield these goodies. Tools and equipment are required. These works can not be done with normal moving laboratories. Special and technically known workers […]

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Industry Relocation service Bangladesh

We area unit one amongst the few Bangladesh based Industry Relocation service in Dhaka specialists capable of providing the complete relocation service as well as complex Relocation, complex & Machinery disassembly, industry-specific Installation of factory& machinery, and Testing and Maintenance Ideal service for clients who have what they would consider “Specialized” “High Value” or “High […]

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machinery loading unloading Bangladesh

Machinery loading, unloading in Dhaka bulldozers and other heavy products on / away from guard trailers and trucks are also indeed prevalent it is easy never to provide it an instant’s idea. However, a current study about the range of fatalities endured in executing such tasks needs to alarm personnel to provide the occupation in […]

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Furniture shifting service Dhaka

It doesn’t make any difference what place you precede, once you want a residential move or even corporate move in some space, an ideal packaging and unpacking up your possessions are sometimes quite a stressful and time-consuming hard procedure. To get around the stress of needing to accomplish all of it in you’re with furniture […]

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shifting packing materials

Some people do the flat and apartment shifting themselves. Some people have collected Shifting of Packing materials from different places and have changed themselves to the home. This cost is very low. Even though shifting itself is a bit of a mess. Yet the money is saved. There is a lot of joy in doing […]

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moving technician

For any relocation: Technical work, such as Refrigerator, Air Condition, Fan, Gazer, IPS, Vertical Screen, Gas Stove, and various technical work. Furniture makers are sent separately for the electrical workshop, furniture opening, and fitting for electrical work. Our technicians open these and keep them tagged by packing them separately. Before the shifting of the owner […]

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