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Industry Relocation services Bangladesh

Industry Relocation services Bangladesh

We are unit one amongst the few Bangladesh based Industry Relocation services in Dhaka specialists capable of providing the complete relocation service as well as complex Relocation, complex & Machinery disassembly, industry-specific Installation of factory& machinery, and Testing and Maintenance

Ideal service for clients who have what they would consider “Specialized” “High Value” .or “High Insurance” equipment, which usually is combined with our crating/packing service to protect the sensitive cargo.

It is common for us to use specialized equipment such as Portable Air Moving Systems. and Electric Cranes as we often carry out work in cleanroom situations

Industry Relocation services

Industry Relocation services

Industry Relocation Services in Dhaka & Removals:

Our removals method covers all aspects of factory relocation including:

  • Project coming up with and managing.
  • Industrial instrumentality disassembly and decommissioning.
  • Machine and factory maintenance and preparation.
  • Machinery transport and shipping.
  • Machinery factory installations and leveling at the destination.
  • industrial safety in machine and equipment handling
  • machine and equipment safety
  • loading/ unloading and moving machines
  • Timber machine crating
  • Tool crating
  • Wrapping & Packing
  • Vacuum packing


We work closely with a local affiliate to offer a range of forklifts that can be provided and delivered to our clients for both short-term & long-term periods. Due to the combined range that King Machinery Moving and our affiliates have. we can offer an extensive range of forklifts from standard diesel to electric (ideal for a clean room) and even specialized pick & carry cranes.


This is our basic service with our team simply jacking and skating machines into place. However, the more difficult jobs require our team to use specialized Air Skates to complete the move. This service is often combined with another service (usually Machine Transportation/Relocation) and will most likely need the use of a forklift also

** Relevant Industry: ALL (We have different equipment for some industries but the service is common across them all)

** Relevant Machinery Type: Any machine/equipment which can’t be lifted/picked directly by a forklift or crane.

We can even give you a useful factory Relocation list, make certain your new location is ready and prepared for industrial installation in strict accordance with CDM rules, and watch out for waste disposal at your previous location.

What you must know for Industry moving services :

Legal – factory Removals ought to be administered by qualified and veteran specialists. Not solely is there a legal demand for the safe removal and disassembly of factories and instrumentality. however, if the machinery is to be re-installed elsewhere, packing and transportation ought to be done to a customer that removes any risk of harm in transit.

Costs – Down-times area unit a nuisance. You most likely already grasp this, and you will bear in mind how pricey each in terms of production and client relations this could be. Our factory removals method is pre-planned and managed, even for single or little load moves. therefore you’ll relish the seamless integration of the latest or resettled machinery at much better prices than non-specialists.

Experience – Machine-supporting steelwork and concrete platforms can typically have to be compelled to be removed and shipped with the instrumentality. Factory removal specialists ought to have the expertise and qualifications and power to try to do this, additionally, as expertise in fabrication and fitting of the latest elements if required.

Environment – Specialist factory removals can usually embody pressure laundry or perhaps blast improvement of apparatus and machinery before relocation. This can be significantly necessary wherever the relocation destination is overseas due to the potential environmental impact of cross-contamination.

Support – Engineering support ought to be on the market the least bit times throughout factory removal. This ensures that the correct individual’s area unit is on the website in time to subsume problems with disassembly or decommissioning.

Industry Relocation services

Industry Relocation Services in Bangladesh

What you must know:

Legal – factory relocations area unit strictly ruled by health & safety legislation. There is a unit many alternative aspects of the relocation method and several. The laws hooked up to every gift’s immense challenges, not least once coping with international Industry relocation service and installation. We tend to subsume this for you.

Costs – The overwhelming majority of factory relocations involve either road, sea, or air freight, and with international transport prices volute, solely specialist firm’s area unit is ready to provide economical shipping solutions, and also the savings are seen with extremely reduced downtimes. We are one of the Bangladeshi firms ready to provide this.

Experience – factory relocation specialists have to be compelled to provide multi-disciplinary skills across several industrial sectors. The disassembly and installation of everything from food method instrumentality, exactness engineering machinery, and mechanical system instrumentality need specialist data. We’ve got that data and capability.

Environment – whether or not you are vacating the factory for brand new house owners or decommissioning for demolition, the positioning should be left suitable for purpose and environmentally safe. The relocation arrangements should incorporate a waste arrangement in accordance with current environmental legislation. We tend to area unit each veteran and are authorized to try to do this.

Our Reach

We’re based mostly within Bangladesh however our experience and adaptability mean that we are able to give solutions not simply across the world but across all major industrial sectors as well as food method producing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, etc.

What sets us apart?

Our ability to manage the whole factory relocation method from machinery disassembly to transportation, and relocation. and ultimately re-installation means any time crucial production flows area unit simply integrated into your new manufacturing/production schedules. And since our groups do all electrical installations and machinery management wiring, exactness alignment, leveling, and testing, your advancement is seamlessly correct.

Our Integrated Services

Machinery Movers & Transport

At Pack & Shift, our removal and transportation service includes the shipping and delivery of varieties of complex, machinery. and instrumentality more on our machinery moving service

Industry Relocation services

Industry Relocation services

Mechanical Installations

Our Mechanical Installation services embody optical device and optical alignment, exactness leveling, and electrical decommissioning. and re-wiring, gas installation, hydraulic installation, and project engineering more on our mechanical installation service

Industrial Factory Disassembly & Installation

Our complex disassembly service will mean something from a shift of machinery at intervals in your existing factory to a whole decommissioning. and international Industry Relocation service in Dhaka more on our complex & machinery disassembly services

Mechanical Installations Maintenance Contracts

Decades of expertise covering all business and Industry Relocation services in Dhaka sectors has provided us with a wealth of experience all told varieties of the method and operational machinery more on our engineering maintenance services

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