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moving technician

moving technician

For any relocation: Technical work, such as Refrigerator, Air Condition, Fan, Gazer, IPS, Vertical Screen, Gas Stove, and various technical work. Furniture makers are sent separately for the electrical workshop, furniture opening, and fitting for electrical work. Our technicians open these and keep them tagged by packing them separately. Before the shifting of the owner of the house, the electric and electronics accessories were fitted from the old house to the new home. On the day the shipment of furnishing and other services is done, no open and fitting work is done.

We have world class moving technician like:

1. Moving Technician
2. Moving Consultant
3. Moving Coordinator
4. Moving Specialist
5. Moving Lights Technician
6. International Moving Consultant
7. Assistant Moving Center Manager
9. Moving Advisor/Representative

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