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Basa Bodol offers you hassle-free services to help you in office shifting services. Also, we provide other services like office furniture shifting, office shifting labor and office shifting transportation, including packing service. Packing is the most challenging phase before office moving. Our office movers team hightly expert and experience.

It is a common thing to suffer the hassle of shifting office. At this time you have to keep your head cool and move forward every step. Preparations have to start a month in advance. Everything has to be done by yourself without leaving everything in the hands of the shifting company, only then the furniture of the house will remain intact.

Do the shifting yourself, or with any media. Do not waste hobby furniture. Wouldn’t something become a bangle? All kinds of thoughts come to mind.

 Searching the net for the real moving company among the countless companies, some people make the mistake of making a decision and failing. So you have to think carefully and choose a shifting company. Otherwise, there will be no benefit in just making a fuss. There is no end to the work that can be done with home shifting. Packing-unpacking comes first. Furniture open-fitting, loading-unloading transport, etc.

When receiving a shifting service from our company, we take the following steps:


Packing service: Our packers appear for packing on the scheduled date and time. Take with you all the necessary packing materials. There is no need to take anything from the homeowner’s house for packing. The items in the crockery are wrapped in wrapping paper, bubble paper, newspaper, etc. And tagged in the cartoon box. In the case of glass and brittle materials, special warning signs are affixed to the box. So that anyone can understand what is inside the box. As a result, the goods are protected from damage. The cupboard is filled with cotton and curtain-poly bags and kept in cartoons. The necessary items of each member of the family are kept in the box and the names of that member are written down. Children’s belongings are kept in separate boxes. We do not pack personal and cash ornaments. The homeowner gives prior notice to carry them themselves. Electronics items are specially packed in the system. Special packing materials are used for international movement. Such as: cock shit and wooden box are used. Silicone gel is used inside.

Step-2: Technician Support: Technical work such as fridge, air conditioning, fan, geyser, IPS, vertical screen, gas stove, including a variety of technical work. Electric mechanics for electrical work, furniture mechanics for opening, and fitting furniture are sent separately. Our technicians open them, pack them separately, and put tags. Electrical and electronics items are removed from the old house and fitted in the new house before shifting as per the instructions of the homeowner. On the day when furniture and other furniture is shifting, no opening and fitting work is done.

Step-3: Truck Pickup and Covered Van: Different types and sizes of transport are required to shift the house. There is a risk of getting wet without a covered van, especially during the rainy season. It is better to shift over a long distance or use a covered van for very valuable items. Covered vans are safe in case of storms and adverse weather conditions, strikes, blockades, political unrest, etc. There are also some advantages to using open trucks and pickups, such as: After loading the furniture into the truck, it is first covered with polythene and triple. After giving the triple, it is finally blocked by tightening around with a thick rope. As a result, there is no opportunity to destroy any furniture. Furniture is not prone to stains or damage.

Step-4: Cartoon Box: We usually use our company’s own cartoon box. We have a new cartoon box printed with the company name and logo. These boxes are shifting friendly and easy to pack. There are several sizes of boxes. These boxes are of export quality. We also sell cartoon boxes separately. The price of each box is 200 taka. The size that is required for the content can be used. The advantage of multiple size boxes is that the goods can be filled according to the size. Then there is no possibility of spoiling or breaking things. The items at the top of the box are listed so it can be easily identified. Just a tick mark or a blank line with a marker or pen can be found quickly. There are special arrangements for glass, glass and fragile items. There are cartoon boxes with special symbols for such things. As a result, special care can be taken in dealing with fragile material. Our boxes are relatively stiff and strong so that if you put one on top of the other, the box will not be left behind. Goods are not wasted. Our cartoons are kept in our own warehouse at a certain temperature so that the temper remains intact.

Step-5: Labor Manpower: Another major feature of us is that we do not work with hired labor. We have our own labor team of 30 people. The workers live in the company’s own house. 5-6 people work in each team. Each team has 1 supervisor/team leader. There is enough labor and transportation to do house shifting or office shifting every day. At any time of the day, 24 hours after receiving the work order/requisition from our corporate office, the worksheet goes with the necessary tools, packing materials, and transportation. As the place of residence of the laborers is in the center point of the city, it is not difficult for them to come and go anywhere at any time of the day or night. If any worker needs to leave between 5-10 days of every month, he can go.

Step-6: Uniform: Basa Bodol has a T-shirt designed with the company’s logo. Different sizes according to the health of the laborers. You are not allowed to go to work without wearing a uniform. There are people employed to wash uniforms regularly. Red T-shirts are worn. Printing our logo on a white background in a red T-shirt.

Step-7: Call center and service: We have a 24/7 call center facility. Customers can contact our company at any time 24 hours a day. You can also find out the bargain at any time by filling up the assessment form online. Customers can also place orders through apps.

Step-7: Warranty: Free servicing is provided for up to 1 week from the day of shifting for technical work. Because there may be some problems after fitting, if there is any problem within a week of completion of the work, our technician is sent to repair it. Although the fitting is shown by running, we provide this service for up to seven days. However, we do not accept this responsibility for more than seven days.

Also Services We Provide to you: –

  • Packing your Goods.
  • Moving your Place.
  • Transportation services.
  • Loading & Unloading Goods.
  • Unpacking your Goods.
  • Re-Arranging your Goods.
  • Packing Materials supply.
  • LCD / LED Fixing.
  • Air-Conditioner Fixing.
  • Renovation service
  • Pest control and cleaning service
  • Event Management.
  • Interior design and Architect

How the customer finds us:

People who don’t know the name of BasaBodol can’t be found, especially those who Home Shifting. It is difficult to find a person who has shifted once in his life and does not know the name of our company. If you don’t know there is no problem. Friends, office colleagues, relatives, neighbors find us through various means. If you go to Google and search for a moving company, the name of our company will come first. There was a time when we used to look for customers, now it is the customers who look for us.

1. Usually, our old customers are more. Customers who have worked through us once, do not take service from anywhere else for the second time.

2. In reference to the customers who have availed the service of Ekbir, their friends and relatives contact us from the office colleagues and office colleagues with our office address and mobile number.

3. We don’t have to advertise, we have to advertise through various means to stay ahead of the competition. From these ads, customers call us.

4. Many times during shifting he sees our work and contacts our moving team and calls our company.

Then the steps to be taken: No matter which way the customer comes in, packing, unpacking, and shifting are started and the same processing is done.

1. Customers first call our hotline or go directly to the office. Some information is sought from the receptionist when talking to the customer. Then it is sent to the concerned officer. There are two separate sections, the Local Moving Section and the International Moving Section. The assessment form is filled according to the type of shifting and then we have online software that is entered there. Assessment is done by sending an assessment manager to the home office or factory for direct assessment if required. They are given the requisition of assessment and the date is given. 20% to 50% advance is accepted when both the parties reach the final of shifting.

2. Our packers come packing with the packing materials on the date and time as per the contract. No packing is done on the day of shifting. The work of opening and fitting is already done.

3. This morning of the final shifting arrived at the home of the truck and labor shifting. Go to the front of the house and park the truck. A supervisor climbed to the top of the house and informed. He started working when he got permission.

Customer class:

1. 1st class: 600-700 square feet house – rent – 12000-18000 TK

2. 2nd class: 600-12000 sq ft house or flat – rent 15000-20000 Tk

3. 3rd class: 1800-3000 square feet house or flat – rent 12000-18000 Tk

Bargaining is also less dependent on the area/Dhaka city There are, of course, good reasons for this bargain.

Depending on the area, the class can be divided into 3 parts:

1. Elite areas within Dhaka: Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Mohakhali DOHS, Eskaton, Bailey Road, Dhanmondi, Wari, Green Road, Mirpur DOHS, Niketan, Rampura, Malibagh Chowdhury Para etc.

2. Mohammadpur, Nakhalpara, Tejgaon, Tejkuni Para, Uttara, Rajabazar, Magbazar, Lalbagh, Nikunj, Mirpur metropolis.

3. Tongi, Gazipur, Bochila, Jatrabari, Gabtali, Natunbazar, Goran, Rayerbazar, Banasree, Adabar, Sherbalanagar.

These classifications have been made so that the house shifting and shifting charges vary from area to area. Usually, people living in elite areas use more expensive furniture. Expensive furniture packing is of high quality. So the price is a little higher than usual.

So, customers will get everything they need for standardized quality house shifting. You can count on it. An organization that is completely risk-free. If you take our service, customers don’t have to swear anywhere else. You will get A-to-Z service of shifting from us. We are the first and oldest in the moving line. In a word, old rice grows into the rice. Therefore, you can take our service with your eyes closed.


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