Whether you want to office or upgrade your commercial space to a new destination, office relocation can give you hard times and may directly affect your commercial productivity. In the fast-paced working era, office shifting needs professional involvement and we, BasaBodol and Packers work as the knight in shining armor for any office moving hassle.

First of all, what do we offer? As office shifting requires multi-dimensional services, we have a vast range of services. Along with the complete packages, there are also individual and customizable packages available.

Office Shifting Services Provider

We propose the best solution for office shifting, office moving, or office relocation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We get office relocation services for local and intercity office shifting services. Government Office Shift: We have experience in shifting all types of government, NGO office shifting, semi-official, state offices, etc. Non-Government office Shifting: We have more experience in the corporate office, commercial office, industrial office, Bank, and insurance office.

To choose the most effective business, government & non-government office shifting service in Dhaka, knowing the services offered by them is extremely good. Services Offered By Basa Bodol Relocation service are as follows:

Office Shifting  Services

“Balsa Bodol Relocation, Packers and Movers” Leaders you through the office relocation and home and Office, Packing, and Moving system and gives you the information you require to make the right choice at the right time. We provide you with an idea about what you need to complete and how to do it – and also put you in direct contact for each imperative step of your office relocation. It truly is a simple way to manage your office move.

BasaBodol Movers and Packers Offer Notational and International Office Shifting ServicesOffice Relocation Services in Dhaka, and all Districts of Bangladesh. Specialized Office Moving Services is the dream of each customer! We are committed to providing our clients with the very best of everything in moving and packing services including the best in customer service.

The best in a professional moving company, and the best in affordable rates for moves nationwide and worldwide. Our Movers always provide various solutions for office relocation, high-quality packing, Expert workers, own transportation, and fulfill each other requirements for moving-related work.

What We Offer

Packing Service

When it comes to office shifting service in Dhaka, you cannot DIY the packing process and would need our professional help for sure. Now, regardless of the office type, we have introduced packing services that will suit any commercial. Either you can avail of the complete package where we will pack all the commercial whereabouts of your office shifting or you can simply have any single package you can mix and match and even you can customize the services as per your convenience.

Furniture Packing

If you have a corporate office then most of the furniture would be desks and cubicles. We have appropriate packing materials as well as expert hands to pack the office furniture. Our company brings in all the necessary packing boxes considering the size and type of the furniture of your office and thereby ensures a successful furniture packing.

IT Equipment Packing

IT equipment is probably the most valuable resource for any commercial business and we have a separate team who are specially trained in IT equipment packing. office shifting Just to let you know, we use tri-wall safety-protected bubble wraps to cover your delicate technology gadgets. Also, in some cases for better security, we use fluffy blankets as well. The packing boxes come with foams and proper wraps so that monitors remain safe during transportation.

Industrial Packing

Industrial packing refers to packing relatively bigger and more complex machines. As soon as our consultancy team examines the type and size of the machinery, we start our research. At first, we get to know all about the machinery and then we figure out the best possible packing ways of the giant machines. All of these do not take much time though they may sound pretty complex to you. Also, we have cranes and all other necessary equipment to pack the big machines without any hassle. office shifting service

Warehouse/ Lab Packing

Basically in warehouses, there are many raw materials in factories, and packing them is a challenge. Even in labs the materials are confidential and need extensive care while packing and shifting. These sensitive raw materials often need to be in temperature-controlled boxes. We can provide all these facilities with our expert team. We have boxes that can be preserved at a certain temperature to carry raw materials. Office shifting Also, the team that works in the warehouse and lab packing is trained to handle sensitive elements and is trusted to keep any confidentiality.

Best Packing for Office shifting services

Office file letters are carefully packed. If not packed properly, important files may be lost or damaged. If you do not find a file in the shifting, the organization can be a big loss. Therefore, after filing files, documents, books, catalogs, brochures, documents, bank, and insurance papers in different cartons, counting should be done with tags. The name of the department on the cartoon box will be made by listing the name of the officer and a list of what is in it and the box must be glued. This can be easily identified by going to the new office. There is no difficulty in understanding what the box is in the stuff and what’s inside. It is possible to bring the work back to work in the new office after a short time.

Truck pickup and covered van: Different types of size transport are needed to shift the home office or factory. Especially during the rainy season, there is a risk of wiping out goods without the covered van. It is best to use long-distance and shifts over long distances or to cover covered vans for very valuable content.


Our “BasaBodol movers” have their own printed box. This is a Mines and Packers-friendly cartoon box. There are several sizes. Which size is needed can use that same size. The advantage of multiple-size boxes is that the size of the goods is not likely to be broken or broken. This box is listed according to the home and office items. So it is possible to identify easily. It is possible to find quickly if you just type in a checkmark or a blank line with a marker or pen.

Special arrangements for the glass, glass, and breaker items are there. We have different types of cartoon boxes for different items. As a result, special care can be taken in the matter of breakers. Our boxes are relatively sturdy and sturdy so that the box does not bake if you put them on one. Do not waste goods. Our cartoons are made once each month and are preserved at a specific temperatureSo that the tempers are immovable.

Labor manpower

We have our own labor/manpower. The workers are in the company’s own laboratory room. In one day 8/10 home and office shifts, the manpower is the same. Each team has a team leader in every task. Other movers and packers work according to the direction of the Team Leader. If the owner of the office or house shifting authority has something to say, or if there is any direction, then tell the team supervisor. The team supervisor advises the rest of the Labor to act accordingly. If they call for work at any time of 24 hours, they are ready for work.

Some of the packing services we offer include

  • Carton Boxes, packing
  • Furniture packing-Unpacking
  • Shock absorbent bubble and polythene wrapping of valuables
  • Customized wrapping
  • Padding for furniture
  • Plastic wrapping and bags
  • Dismantling of Furniture and Technical goods
  • Re-installation of goods and furniture
  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Unpacking in the new location

Carton Boxes and packing

Are you looking for inexpensive quality strong carton boxes for packing your office and household goods? Our carton box quality is an international standard that has been used for a long time for any packing. You can use these carton boxes, for various packing like gift packing, commercial packing, furniture packing, storage, etc.

Furniture packing and unpacking

Furniture packing is necessary if you shift long distances. Which makes your shifting easy and protects your furniture from any broken and damaged. Our furniture packing and unpacking services are world-class. In Dhaka and some major cities, we provide our furniture packing and unpacking services. We not only provide packing and unpacking services for furniture. We also provide furniture open and fitting services by professional labor.

Shock absorbent bubble and polythene wrapping of valuables

Shock absorbent bubbles are very effective for wrapping especially your valuable items wrapping. Pack and Shift provides highly standard bubble wrapping services in Dhaka and any other important place in Bangladesh.

Re-installation of goods and furniture

We are one of the leading organizations for re-installation items and furniture. We have good experience and highly trained professional technicians. Our services are available for 7\24 hours.

Loading and Unloading  Services

Our professional, energetic labor loads your goods old place and unloads your best new place safely. We have provided these loading and polythene unloading services long time by professional labor.

Office Relocation Services in Bangladesh

If you need to move your corporate office to a new building or new place, moving the corporate office items is not an easy task. If you assign us, to your advantage We take that task off your hands and provide full corporate office moving services in Dhaka, Bangladesh as your requirement. For your corporate office moving, we provide highly trained professionals and dedicated moving coordinators so that nothing goes wrong. Our specialty is we customize your corporate office move according to your budget and schedule. The big or small move does not matter because we have enough infrastructure and capabilities to facilitate including lobar, truck, mechanics/electronics packing, office storage facilities, and installation.

Pricing & Budgeting for a Corporate Office Move

Moving offices can be a stressful and expensive experience, but with a little bit of planning and preparation, the process can be much smoother. The first step is to get an estimate of the moving costs. Moving companies provide these estimates based on the size of your office, the distance you are moving from your current location, and how many employees will need to move.

Once you have an estimate in mind, it’s time to start budgeting for all other expenses that come with moving offices. The cost of renting or purchasing new office space is one expense that should be considered in this budgeting process. You will also need to consider how much it will cost for furniture and equipment in your new office space.

Tips for Smooth Office Shifting Services in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh.

  1. Start planning your office shifting early
  2. Assign everyone the task of packing up their own desk
  3. Maintain building rules
  4. Communicate and Notify all employees of the upcoming move
  5. Assign an experienced office moving manager.
  6. Mark and label your important boxes
  7. Protect your personal and important data
  8. Confirm everything will fit and ok
  9. If possible deep clean your office
  10. Before moving set a budget
  11. Determine if you need moving coverage
  12. Make sure service quality & capability assign movers
  13. Try to move some non-essentials on your own first
  14. Do research to find the best moving company and hire a professional moving company
  15. Get the right quotes from moving companies.
  16. Update your address everywhere and Put address change orders in place
  17. Make a plan for setting up IT systems and all electrical items.

Why Choose Basabodol Movers and Packers for Office Shifting Services in Bangladesh?

  • The city’s leading and trusted moving company.
  • Have highly trained professional movers
  • Have more than 20 years of real project working experience.
  • Appointed an experienced moving manager for every project.
  • Provide free best-moving advice
  • Used high-quality packing materials for packing
  • Provide free best packing and moving tips any time
  • We are a verified office moving company in Bangladesh.
  • Provide free assessment services and offer a competitive price estimate
  • 24/7 customer support services are provided

Our workers work wearing uniforms 

Office shifting service in Dhaka has the company’s lobes designed in T-shirts. Various sizes according to Labor’s health. No permission to go to work without reading the uniform. We always keep the uniforms clean and do regular washing. To get the best office shifting service you can call us as well.



Hi, I am going to shift from Dhaka to Chittagong this week. Can you assist me with my office shift in Dhaka?

Ans: Of course sir, Our office moving team is always ready to give your services without any hassle. Our services department 24/7 hours open.

Are you a shifting company or packers and movers?

Ans: Yes, We are a reliable moving company in Bangladesh. We provide all movers and packers services like house shifting, office shifting, and packing unpacking in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh.

Well, you mean you can help people choose the packers and movers in any city of Bangladesh, not only in Dhaka.

Ans: Yes, we can help you hire for house shifting and office shifting services in Dhaka and other main cities in Bangladesh.

How can you help us with my office shift in Dhaka?

Ans: We provide office shifting services without any risk. We have a highly trained professional office movers team for changing your office.

Why should I trust your moving company?

Because we are Bangladesh government-approved movers and packers. We maintain government rules and regulations and regularly provide VAT and TAX. Moreover, we have 20+ years of moving experience without any bad records.

What are the charges for office shifting in Dhaka?

There are not any fixed charges for office shifting in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. The moving charge depends on your requirements.

Call center and service: We have a 24/7 hour call center facility. The customer can get our service by calling 24 hours a day at any time.