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piano moving

piano moving

Piano Moving: Basha Bodol Movers has been in business since 2015, and since then we have moved many pianos of all shapes and sizes. We can move any type of piano you own from anywhere in your study, hall, apartment, or home. Our BBB A + rating and ten years of Super Service awards from Angie’s List testify to our dedication to quality service. In addition to piano moving services, we also offer piano storage in our climate-controlled storage facility.

Our piano moving service is your advantage

The movement of a piano requires the expert hand of a professional motor. At Bangladesh Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on executing piano movements smoothly and successfully while keeping your piano and residence intact. We know that having confidence and trust in your carriers is just as important as moving your belongings efficiently. So don’t risk scratching or damaging your musical instrument; instead, give us a call today to make sure your piano relocation is a success. Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to accommodate your busy schedule and provide maximum convenience.

  • We currently serve the Lower 65 District in Bangladesh.
  • The office staff of 10 full-time people working together
  • Climate controlled trucks, trailers, and storage
  • Air-Ride Equipped with hydraulic lift gates
  • Experienced piano movers with the necessary experience and equipment
  • ATV transport vehicle, mobile electronic track piano boards, specialized equipment including custom dollies, etc.
  • Teams of two people in every movement of the piano, working in sync, day after day
  • No outside parties: Modern Piano Moving handles 100% of the movement
  • Affordable valuation on every piano movement, with no preconceived or deductible limits
  • Whether it’s a spinet, upright, midtrial, or concert, trust us to be your professional pianist!

You are just a phone call away from talking to the company that will treat you right!

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