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Many people are worried about the price when house shifting service and office shifting. Customers also want better service and lower prices. It is very difficult to combine two things at the same issue. We have compiled a price list with these two issues in mind.

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So that both clans are protected. One thing to keep in mind here is that if the furniture gets damaged while working at a lower price, then you have to go after the loss of a lot of money to save a little money. So you have to think about whether you can get good office and house shifting services before finding a lower price.


Best tips for easy home moving services:

1.Phone, Internet, Dish Connection:

In this modern era, you can’t live without all of these three. So make sure to transfer your previous connection to your new location. If that is not possible for you, then get a new connection at least one week ago.
Before leaving, contact your Internet, Dish, and Land Phone companies at least a week in advance. Give them your new address and explain it so they can keep your link active to a new home without losing your internet connection.

2. Van/ truck/ pickup rental:

To transport all of your things to your new home, you’ll need a van, pickup, or truck. Estimate the number of products in the house and plan the van, pickup, or truck ahead of time; otherwise, you can’t be able to get it at the last minute. If you borrow a van, pickup, or truck, notify the company ahead of time that you are moving residences and including your current home address.
It is preferable to inform them again by phone the night before you move in; that way, they can be on schedule, and you will not have to think about their absence.

3. Keep the new home neat & clean:

When you enter a house, the first thing that comes to you is the smell. If your new home is not properly clean, it is not a good sign for you to move your new appliances there. Because after moving you have to place all of them somewhere you don’t have enough time to clean all stuff.

Every soul benefits from being neat and tidy. It is also an aspect of our Iman. As a result, you want purity in your home and yourself. Cleanliness gives the kid a clear mind and promotes constructive thinking. Take the size of the screen of the new residence’s door and window and allow it to be used in advance to keep your house tidy and clean.
Before heading to a new house, go one or two days after and check to see if it is safe. Clean them if there is dust in the place. Tell the homeowner to colour if they are not coloured. Clean the bathrooms ahead of time, and enjoy your new home.

4. Pack up for furniture:

To ensure a secure home shifting operation, you can pack all of your belongings well in advance of your move. Keep bags, ropes, tapes, and paper boxes (cartons) in your collection for preparing your home ahead of time.
Then, 1 or 4 days in advance, prepare the other items other than the necessary items. Please note what you put in the package before packaging and glue it to the box, making it easier to locate the products. Even before filling the container, cover the glassware in linen.

5. The kitchen:

Begin slowly emptying the fridge until 1 to 4 days ago. Cook the raw bazaars, whether there is meat or others, cook it, and make sure you cooked enough for the next day before you travel, so the day you move, you will no longer have the time or chance to cook for home because it will take time to link the gas at the new house, so be prepared ahead of time.


Why we different from other movers and packers?

• We have professional movers and packers team
• Do anytime booking for house shifting.
• Free assessment within two hours inside Dhaka city.
• Reasonable house shifting services price

Sl. NoType of Transport (With Labour)Amount
01.1.5 tons pickup (Dhaka city)7,000-8000/-
02.2 tons pickup (Dhaka city)7,5,00-8,500/-
03.3 tons pickup (Dhaka city)9,00-10,000/-
04.3 tons cover van (Dhaka city)12,000-14,000/-
05.5 tons Covered van (Dhaka city)17,000-19,000/-
i) Spleet type: (Open-fittings)...
ii) Window type(Open-fitting)...
07.Silling Fan (Open-fittings)
Per fan...................
08.Gas Charge split3000/-
09.IPS Open-fitting2,500/-
10.LCD TV (Open-fitting at Wall)3,000/-
11.Tube Light Set Open fitting300/-
12.Gezer(Open fitting) 3,500/-
13.Piano moving Charge(with transport)10,000/-
If any Service out of price list this are Solve under negotiable
NB: Moving out of Dhaka, the price will be determined by negotiation.

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