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safe and vault moving, handling

safe and vault moving, handling

Vault Moving: Hiring is the best way to avoid back pain (and heartache) on move-in day, especially if you have bulky and heavy pieces like safes and vaults. These items, which can weigh hundreds of pounds, can be virtually impossible to move with the knowledge and experience of a professional moving company.

Safe and Vault Movers in Dhaka, Bangladesh Basa Bodol Movers has the equipment and expertise to make the transition of these heavy and expensive parts as simple and efficient as possible. Whether you’re moving a safe six meters or going down twenty flights of stairs, it’s always smart to let a team of experienced and capable professionals provide you with a secure transfer.

Handle almost any type of vault or safe, and we won’t even have it emptied! Call us today for a free consultation. He can also fill out our convenient quote form for a no-obligation consultation!

  • Residential safe moving (including gun safes, security safes, jewelry safes)
  • Movement of residential vaults (including gun vaults)
  • Safe commercial moving
  • Commercial Vault Moving
  • Second and third story locations
  • Basements

We can handle the safest and vault relocations with our line of advanced equipment such as our air suspension trailer and ladder track equipment.

We serve entire Bangladesh and any district area. Your privacy is important to us, which is why all of our vehicles and trailers are unmarked. We will work quickly so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

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