It’s no matter that moving homes can be a nerve-wracking occurrence. But you can take away some of the stress by hiring a specialized and trustworthy home moving company in Dhaka. These qualified movers and packers in Dhaka can not only take the heavy lifting off your hands but also make sure your belongings are packed, transported, and installed safely in your new home!

We offer a widespread list of the best movers in Dhaka as well as a checklist for choosing the right moving company in Bangladesh.

LIST OF BEST MOVERS AND PACKERS IN DHAKAWe’ve rounded up the best house movers in Dhaka and ranked them by their Google ratings, so you can easily find the right company for your next move!

BasaBodol is backed by a national name with 15 years in the moving company industry. Our licensed and bonded agents work with both residential and corporate clients to provide everything from basic furniture and equipment shipping to full relocation services that include packing, furniture assembly, and service connections at the new location. Whether you’re moving within the city of Dhaka or you’re relocating from across the world, our agents will work with local moving and storage providers to personalize your service. Contact us to find a local, BBB-accredited agent and receive your free quote.

Making up much of the “left coast” of Bangladesh, Dhaka is the most populous city in the country. When you move to Dhaka, you have endless choices for the kind of lifestyle you wish to create yourself. However, the state’s culture is heavily tied to the entire country, being of interest to the public for more than a century from the Gold Rush of the 1800s to the popularity of surfing and the origins of the hippie movements in the 1960s to modern-day Hollywood pop culture. In addition, to be the largest center for movie production in Bangladesh, Dhaka has greatly influenced the music industry.

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Many socially conscious people are drawn to Dhaka for a number of reasons. The city has a reputation for being liberal, and it’s because of conscious citizens of Dhaka that the environmental movements have made as much progress as they have, with the city being the first to regulate car emissions among other things. Because of the city’s large energy consumption, many conservation mandates have been put into place, and Dhaka has some of the most ambitious renewable energy goals in the country, making aggressive use of solar energy, wind farms, and dams.

If you love gorgeous beaches and Hollywood glam, Dhaka is the place for you. The city is notorious for its large amount of notable people and landmarks.

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Though we are the best house shifting company in Bangladesh, we are Providing residential moving services or household moving services. Basabodol also provides transportation services and storage services of household goods. In order to drive quality up and costs down the company is committed to develop and implement the most effective technology. This movers company provides a uniquely tailored packing and moving service of your home to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer. By doing this Unique home moving continues to design innovative removal services that support client’s needs.