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Thank you for your interest in BasaBodol. BBmoves has been providing a quality moving services to our customers since 2005.I can say with very firm determination. People moving to Bangladesh in 2005, there are people who did not know about it. Then people hired trucks and labors on truck stand. And the only know who could have used to do this was the only victim. Through the establishment of Moving Company, we released them from this kind of irony.

A completely satisfied moving customer begins with our professional, courteous and qualified moving consultants and continues to the time that the movers are finished with the relocation process. Once we have moved you, we then strive to keep you as a friend and customer in the moving business. We base our foundation on repetitive quality customer service along with “word of mouth” referrals. In the effort of providing our customers with an efficient and professional level of moving service within one’s budget and beyond that of other moving companies, we offer our moving services at a hourly rate or a flat itemized guaranteed rate.

We have moving companies in all district in Bangladesh and over all any country of the world. Whether you are moving one item or needing a complete box packing service with your move, BB movers can definitely handle this in such a manor which is sure to gain your repeat moving needs. When you are trying to choose the right local moving company or a long distance moving company to handle your move, a previous moving customer or repeat moving customer’s referral speaks in volumes and for itself. In most cases, our moving company is among only a few select moving companies in which our customers call back and request the same mover. In addition, we are an apartment mover, office mover and residential mover that continues to grow by not only handling a small move or large move, but by doing so in such a way that you receive a stress free move which is followed through to complete satisfaction. Please remember if you receive a lower moving quote with the same standards and credentials as our moving company, please provide us with their written quote and we will try our best to meet or beat such mover’s quote. If at any time during the process of your move, you have questions please contact us immediately.​

movers and packers Dhaka Bangladesh anywhere? We All kinds of support related house relocation in dhaka any time anywhere of Dhaka city and Dhaka city to all over of Bangladesh with low rate cost. as follows the truck, pickup(loading-unloading), workmen labor, packing, unpacking, technician(a.c, fan, geezer, washing machine etc.)Also, furniture opens old address and fitting at the new address.

Our mission

At our moving company, our mission is to provide seamless, stress-free relocations tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, ensuring your belongings are handled with the utmost care. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your move as smooth as possible, whether you’re relocating your home or office. We offer comprehensive packing, transportation, and unpacking services, designed to meet your specific requirements. Trust our mission to turn a potentially stressful event into a positive, hassle-free experience. Choose our moving company for a reliable and efficient move every time. Your satisfaction is our top priority

Our vision

As a business leader in transportation and relocation services, we try for superior client satisfaction driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of every Berger worker. Our vision is to become “the customer’s 1st choice” for moves across the country. We would like to form positive your moving expertise is astounding, in order that you’re employed with a team from the simplest moving corporations within the business next time you wish to relocate.

If you’re trying to find an accountable company to help you together with your move, basabodol.com is here to help! We tend to pride ourselves on consistency and liableness. Because of the labor of our moving team, basabodol.com has big from a bit company that based in Bangladesh to the most important moving and storage company within Bangladesh.

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pack and shift service


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pack and shift service

Selecting the right home shifting package ensures a stress-free move. Consider services, cost, and reviews to choose a package that meets your relocation needs efficiently and affordably.

To confirm your house shifting booking, review the details, ensure services match your requirements, and complete any necessary payments. A confirmed booking guarantees a smooth and organized relocation process.

pack and shift service

While waiting for moving day, finalize packing, label boxes, prepare an essentials bag, and confirm logistics with movers. Use this time efficiently to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition.









Box Carton Provide

Box Carton Provide for House Shifting” pertains to the service of supplying specialized cartons for the secure packing and transport of household items during relocation. This service is a cornerstone of a successful move, ensuring that belongings are systematically organized, efficiently packed, and protected against damage. Providers of these cartons offer a variety of sizes and types to suit different needs.

  • Durability: Box cartons are made from corrugated cardboard
  • Lightweight: Despite their strength and durability
  • Customizability: One of the significant advantages of box cartons
  • Sustainability: Many box cartons are made from recycled materials
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other packaging materials like plastic or metal

Bubble Wrap

“Bubble Wrap Provide for Home Shifting” refers to a specialized service that supplies bubble wrap, an essential packing material, for protecting fragile items during the relocation process. Bubble wrap is known for its outstanding cushioning properties, thanks to the air-filled bubbles that absorb shocks and prevent damage to delicate objects such as glassware, ceramics, electronics, and artwork.

  • Cushioning:The primary feature of bubble wrap is its excellent cushioning
  • Lightweight: Bubble wrap is incredibly lightweight
  • Flexibility: Bubble wrap can be easily wrapped
  • Moisture Resistance: Bubble wrap provides a degree of moisture
  • Reusable and Recyclable: Many types of bubble wrap are reusable

Corrugated Role Carton

The “Corrugated Roll Carton Provide for Home Shifting” service offers corrugated cardboard rolls specifically designed to protect and secure household items during a move. These flexible, durable rolls are ideal for wrapping and cushioning a wide variety of belongings, from furniture edges to fragile decor. The corrugated design features a fluted layer between two sheets of paper, providing excellent shock absorption and resistance to compression. This service simplifies packing by supplying a versatile, protective material that can be cut and shaped to fit any item, ensuring a safe and efficient home shifting process by minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

  • Durability: Corrugated roll cartons are designed with a fluted
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of corrugated roll cartons
  • Lightweight: Despite their strength, corrugated
  • Sustainability: Corrugated roll cartons are environmentally
  • Printability: The outer surface of corrugated rolls

Technician & Electrician

The “Technician and Electrician for Moving Service” offers specialized expertise in handling all electrical aspects of the relocation process. This service includes professionals skilled in safely disconnecting, transporting, and reinstalling electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, and complex wiring systems in the new location. Technicians and electricians ensure that all electrical items are properly packed, moved, and set up, minimizing the risk of damage or malfunction. Their expertise is crucial for a smooth transition, particularly for homes and businesses reliant on technology and electrical equipment.

  • Technical Expertise: Technicians possess specialized knowledge
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: A crucial feature of a technician is the ability
  • Attention to Detail: Precision and attention to detail are vital.
  • Adaptability: The technological and procedural landscape
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential for technicians.

Skill Labor

The phrase “Skilled Labor Provide for Movers and Packers” highlights a service offering trained and experienced personnel to facilitate efficient and safe moving and packing processes. These skilled laborers are proficient in handling various aspects of relocation, from securely packing fragile items using the right materials and techniques to efficiently loading and unloading heavy furniture and boxes.

  • Specialized Training: Skilled laborers have undergone formal training
  • Experience and Expertise: Experience is a hallmark of skilled labor
  • Certification: Many skilled labor positions require certifications
  • Adaptability and Continuous Learning: The rapid pace of technological advancements and changing
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Skilled labor involves more than just following instructions

Moving Friendly Truck and Pickup

The term “Home Shifting Friendly Truck and Pickup” refers to vehicles specifically designed or outfitted to meet the unique needs of residential moves. These trucks and pickups are equipped with features such as spacious cargo areas, secure tie-down points, and protective padding to ensure safe and efficient transportation of household belongings. They are ideal for navigating through residential areas, accommodating everything from large furniture pieces to delicate items. The availability of various sizes allows for customization based on the volume of goods being moved.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Modern moving transport delivery
  • Comprehensive: A key feature of quality moving transport d
  • Flexible Scheduling: Top-tier moving services provide
  • Specialized Handling and Equipment: To safely transport a wide
  • Customizable Service Packages: Recognizing that each move

Smile After Move

“Smile Home and Office Shifting” suggests a moving service designed to ensure a positive, stress-free experience when relocating homes or offices. This service likely emphasizes customer satisfaction and efficiency, handling all aspects of the moving process with professionalism and care. From meticulous packing of personal and office belongings, safe transportation.

  • Comprehensive Planning: Successfully moving begins with detailed planning
  • Professional Packing: Utilizing professional packing techniques and materials
  • Reliable Moving Service: Hiring reputable movers with experience and positive reviews
  • Inventory Management: Keeping an accurate inventory of items being moved
  • Flexible Scheduling: The ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances

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