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Best Home Shifting Services in Dhaka

Best Home Shifting Services in Dhaka

Best Home Shifting Services in Dhaka

Home shifting services is a task for professionals that helps individuals and families relocate from one home to another. But, The process of home shifting is time-consuming and stressful. That’s why hiring a reliable, experienced house moving service can make all the difference. Only a professional house moving company can ensure your move is safe, secure, and organized.

Here, we are introducing ourselves as one of Dhaka’s best household moving companies. We have many own vehicles, packing supplies, trained & professional workers, and certified technicians. Our staffs are well trained, experienced, professional, and have enough knowledge with advance technology and modern tools.

Home Shifting Services We Provide

  • Home Shifting for Bachelors.
  • House Shifting Service for Families.
  • Apartment Shifting Service.
  • Furniture Shifting Services.
  • Household Packing Services.

Our Basic Household Moving Services

We are providing a wide range of residential moving services. Here are some of our basic household moving services:

  • Furniture dismantles, assembly & packing service (any type).
  • Complete, partial, or single-item packing service.
  • Glassware, Fragile, Clothing & Electric items packing Service.
  • Loading and unloading labor service.
  • Transportation Services for carrying the goods.
  • Unpacking, Re-arrange, and Re-setup service.
  • Electric items (AC, Geyser, Light, Fan, LED TV, Washing Machine, Water Purifier, Gas Burner, Schindler) Uninstallation & Re-Installation Service.

Our Packing Options For Residential Relocation Service

Here are some basic packing options you can choose while thinking about home shifting services in Dhaka or any other city in Bangladesh.

Full-Service Packing

Our expert packers team will pack your household belongings and make them ready to move. We use modern packing materials and the latest method to pack your belongings. Each member of our Packers team is professional, trained, expert, and dedicated. They will pack your entire home with professionalism and expert care.

Fragile Items Packing

Some items are breakable and irreplaceable in value. If you want, we pack glassware & fragile items only. No problem, Please inform us about that item so we can pack them with extra care. We always treat your household items as our own. Nothing to worry about at all because your move is in the safe hands of qualified house-moving experts.

Do It Yourself

Do you have some expertise in packing? Here is the chance to show some expertise. It also reduces your moving expense. If you think you will pack all of your belongings by yourself. Our expert packers will assist you properly and provide all necessary packing materials. You are welcome! We aim to make your next move more convenient and easy.

Our Basic House Moving Services

Here are some of our basic house moving options you can choose that suit you the best.

Loading Service

Before loading the moving vehicle, our professional house movers team will ensure that all the in-home belongings are properly packed. All the items are listed for inventory and put labeled for moving. To guard against dirt and scratches, we use plastic durable Stretch wrap. We also use special packing materials to protect any damage (even a single scratch) to your belongings while shifting.

Transport Service

Safety is the priority to us. We ensure the safety of your household belongings. Our drivers are experienced and licensed. They are very expert in driving heavy-moving trucks on highways, busy, or narrow streets. They are committed to professionally transporting your belongings.

Unloading Service

After reaching the moving truck to your new home, the unloading process will start immediately. We are taking inventory while unloading to ensure that every single item is accounted. Per your instruction, our professional house movers will carefully place all the items room-wise. As promised, we will also provide reassembling services for your furniture and other items.

Our Additional House Moving Services

With the basic packing & shifting services, we also provide some additional household relocation services. These are:

Unpacking Service

We aim to make your house-moving experience more convenient. We will be happy to provide you with professional unpacking services. Our packers are professional and will unpack all of your belongings and put them in the right place with your guidance and instruction. Our unpacking service will help you to settle easily into your new home. As requested, we will remove all packing materials from your home after completing the unpacking process.

Assembly & Disassembly Service

We provide disassembling and reassembly services for your furniture & electric items. We have our expertly trained professional technicians to assemble and disassemble your Furniture, AC, LCD, LED, Geezer, Light, Fan, and other electric & electronic items. They will disassemble and reassemble various household items before & after your move.

It’s Your Turn

We always try to provide you with as many moving resources as possible for us. Our main goal is to make your next move easier, stress-free, and less damaged within your budget and needs.

Our special packing and shifting options will help you decide how many moving services you need to complete your move successfully within your budget and time frame.

How To Book For A House Shifting Service?

  1. When you ask BasaBodol to quote for your residential relocation, one of our professional consultants will visit your present location.
  2. He will review all of your belongings, make a shortlist, and mark the items that are sensitive or breakable.
  3. You will get a moving quote according to a moving plan, services, and supplies based on your needs and requirements.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • High-Quality Service: We can provide high-quality services to our customers. This includes careful packing, safe transportation, and timely delivery to the new location. If a company has a reputation for providing top-notch services, it’s likely to be considered the best in its field.
  • Experienced & Skilled Staff: Our staff is experienced and skilled. They can handle the packing and transportation of goods carefully, ensuring no damage is done during the packing and shifting process.
  • Reasonable Prices: We always offer reasonable prices for our services to our customers. While quality service is important, customers also want to ensure that they are not overcharged for the services they receive.
  • Good Customer Service: A company that provides good customer service will likely be considered the best in its field. This includes being responsive to customer inquiries and complaints, providing accurate information, and addressing any issues that arise during the shifting process.
  • Positive Reviews & Feedback: BasaBodol has a track record of positive customer reviews and feedback. This demonstrates that the company has consistently provided high-quality services to its customers and can be relied upon for future home-shifting needs.

Overall, the best home shifting company in Dhaka would be one that provides high-quality services at reasonable prices, experienced and skilled staff, good customer service, and a track record of positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers.

Why We Are The Best Household Shifting Company In Dhaka?

When moving your residential belongings from one place to another, you may search for a professional packing and shifting company in Dhaka on the Internet. You will generally find a huge list of house-moving companies, but obviously, you are looking for a well-reputed professional house shifting Company in Bangladesh.

Every move is different, and every client has a unique budget and plan. So that BasaBodol offers an individual moving plan and shifting tips for its individual client, which meets all the relocation needs of its individual clients. Most Importantly, Our moving specialists always create a custom moving plan for every client according to their budget, time frame, and moving distance. As a result, clients can meet all their residential relocation needs.

We invite you to get world-class packing and moving services with utmost dedication. You can be assured that your household shifting process will be smoother and hustle-free without any damage or loosing. Moreover, professional movers and packers will handle the relocation process with utmost care and dedication.

Household Goods Shifting Service

It doesn’t matter where you move and what level of house moving services you require. We offer our clients a wide range of home shifting services in Bangladesh for local, domestic, and international relocation from packing and unpacking to complete full-service household packing and moving scenarios.

From the beginning, we always focus on making our clients happy by providing the best-shifting services, whether home or office shiftingYou can keep your trust in us to ensure a safe, secure, and hustle-free house-shifting service in Dhaka city or anywhere in Bangladesh or any other country.

As a professional household moving company in Dhaka, we ensure you get an award-winning result from start to finish of the relocation process.

House Hold Moving Services We Also Provide

  • Air shipment services.
  • Overseas storage services.
  • Pet transportation services.
  • Customize packing services.
  • Containerized shipment services.
  • We remove everything from the walls.
  • Custom crating and appliance servicing.
  • New or recycled packing materials supply service.
  • Recycling of unwanted electronic equipment service.
  • Automobile, boat, and other vehicle transportation services.
  • Path protection service to prevent damage to your belongings.

We are Bangladesh’s best house movers company, with many vehicles, packing supplies, and professional labor. We provide complete house change services in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and internationally. As a result, People know us as residential relocation specialists in Bangladesh.

Here are our comprehensive house packing and moving options that will help you plan and prepare easily.

BasaBodol is one of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s leading and established house-moving services provider companies. Our professional mover team is committed to making sure that all individual clients have a quality moving experience.

Looking for a home shifting service in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

For more details about our house shifting services, call us at +8801746300300. Our moving specialists are available to assist you 24*7 and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your household moving provider!




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